Energy Efficient Windows in Orange County

Beat the heat in Orange County with energy efficient windows. As Orange County can have hot, humid temperatures at various times of the day, having energy efficient windows can help manage your energy/electricity consumption. NuView’s energy efficient windows are manufactured based on years of research, prototyping, and field-testing to ensure only the best windows possible are produced.



With a 50% improvement in VT and SHGC, two of Energy Star’s three main measurements in grading a window’s efficiency, use of the Retractable Slide ‘N’ Hide Insect Screen can improve a window’s overall efficiency by 40% or more.



We formulate our own glass units to meet specific solar and energy-control needs of different regions and climates. There are a variety of customizable options including glass types, gas fills, glazings, and coatings. The customization of our glass units allows us to maximize your windows’ performance in accordance to your specific preferences, climate, and home’s construction.



The air within our strategically engineered air pockets adapts with the temperature outside to maximize the window’s insulating value and energy efficiency.



Our patented polycarborbonate drain eliminates the buildup of water while simultaneously preventing air drafts and insect penetration so that all of NuView’s windows are able to maintain the energy efficient performance they were designed to create.


The Energy Star program was created by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Protection Agency to help assist consumers with the purchase of energy efficient products. As an Energy Star Partner, our products exceed all of Energy Star’s requirements, which means that our energy efficient windows in Orange County can improve a home’s efficiency by over 40% and that number doesn’t even take into account the efficiencies generated by our Integrated Blind Systems and Energy Blind Technology.


The National Fenestration rating council or NFRC is the nationally recognized certifying agency for energy efficient fenestration products such as windows, doors, and skylights across North America. Their ratings provide a fair, accurate, and reliable standard for architects, homeowners, and contractors to compare different products and make informed decisions.



The built-in Solar Screen allows you to control how much heat and natural light enters through your windows. In warmer, sunnier conditions, the application of the Solar Screen blocks the sun’s rays from heating your home, lowering your cooling bills. In colder but sunnier weather, the ability to retract the screen allows you to capitalize on the sun’s heat and use it to lower your heating bills. The screen also eliminates glare and UV ray penetration from fading your home’s furniture and interior décor.

When applied, the built-in Thermal Blind doubles the insulating value of your energy efficient windows in Orange County; effectively making it up to 40% more energy efficient than an equivalent triple glazed unit. The Thermal Blind reduces utility bills by preventing your comfortable inside air from escaping outside. Furthermore, the blind’s ability to retract, allows you to maintain the natural light transmittance that would have been permanently lost with an equivalent triple glazed window. In warm, sunny weather, a closed blind blocks the sun’s rays from heating your home, reducing cooling expenses. In cold, sunny weather, a retracted blind sustainably utilizes the sun’s heat to reduce heating costs. Another benefit of the Thermal Blind is its ability to completely block light penetration, providing added privacy and increased security.



Our integrated blind systems feature a roll-away cartridge design that prevents the build-up of dirt and allergens and makes the blinds simple to clean and replace. If you ever do choose to replace your blinds with a different colour or design, it’s as simple as ordering a new cartridge through the mail. You simply snap it in place. The retractable blind is available on every type of window style in the collection.

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