One Project to add Beauty, Function and Energy Efficiency to Your San Clemente Home

A portion of the mission statement for the City of San Clemente reads: “Maintaining a safe, healthy atmosphere in which to live, work and play;

Guiding development to ensure responsible growth while preserving and enhancing our village character, unique environment and natural amenities”

San Clemente is a conscientious community that inspires pride in homeowners to maintain and improve their home in beautiful and value added ways. NuView Windows have become the trusted experts in Orange County for bringing customers innovative concepts and products that can change the look, feel and function of their homes. With Window Walls by Nuview, you can achieve transforming beauty, state-of-the-art function and important energy savings in one all encompassing project.

San Clemente Bifold Patio Doors

NuView Windows was founded in Toronto, Canada in 1979. We are always working toward new innovations with a devotion to fundamental engineering principles. Over the years, all of this dedication has resulted in the development of critical patents and industry-changing technologies. We have done extensive research and in-depth testing to ensure we are industry leaders in design, form and function.

Window Walls will add luxury to your home by elegantly merging together your indoor and outdoor living spaces. The magnificent glass panels of these windows actually bring the outside in. So, the natural beauty of San Clemente becomes an actual element of your home. When used as bi-fold patio doors, they can be completely opened to increase your living space by bringing a natural flow and unity to your outdoor living area. Whether used as a single replacement window or to span the length and width of an entire wall, Window Walls provide a luxurious way to take full advantage of the pleasant climate and scenic vistas of California living.

At NuView Windows it takes advanced automated production methods coupled with highly skilled manual craftsmanship to ensure our products are of the finest quality. Window Walls maximize natural light and ventilation and can be used as a window or as a bi-fold style patio door. What makes Window Walls unique is that they are constructed of glass panels that operate independently from one another so they can be manipulated to whatever configuration and function you desire. For example, panels can be opened separately outward anywhere on the track or slid and folded as one full panel to completely open.

The high quality of Window Walls will add superior function to your home. Window Walls feature a retractable screen system that can stop along any point along the frame. This allows you to apply the screen no matter how many panels are opened or closed. We are the first window manufacturer to patent and feature a retractable bug screen in our products and the quality of our screen remains the best in the industry. Our screens use a cartridge design technology which gives it a smooth, flawless operation.

Our Parallex hardware eliminates any moving parts and hinges making the Window Wall maintenance free. To close, the Window Wall’s panels interlock into one another giving it an air tight compression seal and helps provide the system’s grade 40 security rating. The award-winning Parallex hardware completely changes the way you interact with your windows. It improves performance, durability, operation, and energy efficiency. It also allows you to open, close, and clean your windows effortlessly. The patented technology replaces the crank mechanism with easy to use handles that allow you to push and pull our windows like you would a door.

All of our products are made using our Hybrid Fusion Frame, which is formed by reinforcing our U-PVC lead- free technology with stainless steel and aluminum. The Hybrid Fusion Frame gives you the thermal performance, longevity, low maintenance and affordability of a high grade resin vinyl, but the strength of steel and aluminum. Our frames will easily withstand the punishment of the extreme heat, rain and winds of California weather. They wipe clean, and will not fade, chip, rot, dent, or corrode.

NuView Window Walls provide high-tech energy efficiency. They exceed Energy Star requirements in all 50 states. We develop our own Climaguard glass units for each window. We customize each glass unit individually allowing us to focus on your specific needs, climate and preferences. We can tailor your glass unit with glazing, coatings, spacers and special glass to achieve the energy efficiency you desire.

Your Window Walls can be customized with our solar screens which give you the flexibility to control how much natural light and heat from the sun enters your home. In warmer, sunnier conditions, the application of the solar screen blocks the sun’s rays from heating your home; lowering your cooling bills. The screen also eliminates glare and prevents UV rays from penetrating and fading your home’s furniture, walls, and carpeting.

We also offer a thermal blind that doubles the insulating value of your windows, trapping more warm or cold air inside your home without having to sacrifice a loss in natural light. By limiting how hard your heating or cooling system must work to maintain desired interior temperatures, you can dramatically reduce your utility bills and C02 emissions. Also, thermal blinds completely block light penetration, providing 100% privacy and added security.

Remember, Orange County has the HERO (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity) program which allows property owners to receive a fixed-interest rate loan, with flexible payment terms, for projects that help lower utility bills, increase property value and overall make the community more sustainable. To learn more about the HERO program, please visit or call 855-HERO-411 (855-437-6411) to speak with a program representative.

Come in and experience Window Walls for in person by booking an appointment to visit our amazing showroom. There you will be able to actually see and feel the superior quality and operation of these amazing windows. Give us a call today at (949) 855-0130 or book your personal one-on-one appointment with one of our knowledgeable sales professionals on our website at and complete the appointment request form. We would be delighted to meet you and show you why Window Walls by NuView deliver beauty, high performance and energy efficiency for your San Clemente home.

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